The solar products currently operated by Sunrise mainly include the development, production installation, and sales of solar modules, as well as the construction management, technology development and operation, and maintenance of photovoltaic power generation projects of solar systems.

The specifications of Sunrise solar modules range from G1, M6, M10 to G12, etc. The products adopt perc battery, half-cell multi-bus grid, non-destructive scribing, and other technologies. The module power ranges from 330w to 700w. Among them, business partners are distributed in more than 50 countries around the world, and the total evolution volume currently exceeds 7GW.

Sunrise solar system covers household, commercial distribution, small and medium-sized generators, and other solutions, through project investment and development EPC general contracting, using the four major advantages of ” design supply chain project management + operation and maintenance ” to customize the best for customers It is planned that by the end of 2020, the total capacity of development and construction projects will exceed 800MW.


Types of Solar Energy Products

Types of Solar Energy Products
Advantages Of Solar Energy Products

Advantages Of Solar Energy Products

Solar energy has the advantages of universality, harmlessness, large reserves, long-term use, etc. According to the calculation of Sunrise technicians, every installation of an M10 module can reduce carbon emissions by 1994kg, and the average daily power generation is about equal to the savings of 180 lights out for one hour.

Sunrise solar modules have the advantages of small investment energy-saving, profitability shading, emission reduction, poverty alleviation, and pension, etc. 12-year product quality assurance, 25-year product linear power warrantless of anti-pid. It is guaranteed that it is resistant to salt spray, ammonia, sand, dust, and hail, and has a leading edge in process reliability testing.

Applications Of Solar

Energy Devices in Life
The application of solar energy devices has the advantages of low power generation cost, reduction of secondary pollution of battery, full black aesthetics BIPV, lower BOS cost, and increase of ROL.
  • transportation related to traffic/railway signal lights, high -way/railway wireless telephone booths, etc.

  • communication related to solar unattended microwave relaystations, optical cable maintenance stations, etc.

  • photovoltaic power stations such as wind and solar ( diesel )complementary power stations,

  • other fields include power supply for desalination equip -ment, satellites, spacecraft, etc.